Playing with Style Extra Card Deck

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Additional deck of playing cards. An excellent way to expand, enhance, and reinforce the learning gained from the HRDQ Style Series training assessments.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not the complete game.

Playing with Style Game - Extra Card Deck

Reusable card deck for game play. Trains an additional 20 participants at one time.

Playing with Style Card Games

        Game 1: Solo Style

        Game 2: Speed

        Game 3: Which Style?

        Game 4: Quick Classification

        Game 5: Personal Style Poker

        Game 6: Grab It

        Game 7: Bluff

        Game 8: Auction Rummy

        Game 9: Match

        Game 10: Five Tricks

        Bonus Game: Classify.

Attribute nameAttribute value
FORMATCard Game Collection
OBJECTIVETo help individuals quickly build fluency in the different personal styles
AUDIENCEAll organisation members
TIME REQUIRED15-30 minutes
AUTHORSivasailam “Thiagi” Thiagarajan & Tracy Tagliati

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