Performance Management Through 5 Key Conversations Participant Booklet


Category: Instruments
Code: 593
Designed to help managers identify their skill level in engaging employees in 5 key types of performance-related conversations. The instrument allows managers to create a profile of skill level in each of the 5 Key Conversations (comparing self assessment with peer feedback), providing insight on the areas for improvement. Order one Participant Guide per participant

Manage the development of high-performing employees through collaborative and constructive dialogue. By engaging employees daily in meaningful, performance-related conversations, managers build relationships and get results in a less awkward, more productive atmosphere. 

Performance Management Through 5 Key Conversations presents 30 statements regarding current practices as a manager in developing high-performing employees. In scoring the assessment, participants determine their Overall Performance Management Score. In addition, participants create a self-profile showing scores for each of the 5 conversations. Feedback forms submitted by peers provide the data to create a second — or 'feedback' — profile. Finally, to prepare for meeting with employees, participants complete worksheets on each of the 5 conversations.

Performance Management Through 5 Key Conversations is effective when used alone or as part of a management development programme (flexible enough to be used at various stages). The instrument can be used in the following ways:

• To establish a new approach to performance management in an organisation

• To provide basic skills in performance management for new managers or supervisors

• To suggest an alternate or complementary approach to existing performance management techniques being used in an organisation.

Participant Guide includes:

• 30-item assessment

• Pressure-sensitive response form

• Descriptions of The 5 Key Conversations

• Tips for conversation planning and development (includes lists of typical employee concerns)

• Diagram for comparing self assessment with feedback

• Action planning (worksheets based on The 5 Key Conversations)

FORMAT Assessment
OBJECTIVE To assess a manager's skill in developing high-performing employees
AUDIENCE Managers at all levels
TIME REQUIRED 1½ to 2 hours
AUTHOR Marianne Minor & Jocelyn Kung