Our Coaching products include the inventories and assessments needed to increase your participant’s skills when managing and structuring a coaching relationship. Each product is supported by the customised Facilitator Guide.

The coaching process provides many different opportunities, both for the coach and the individuals or teams that he or she is working with. Coaching skills are fundamental for successful leadership, powerful mentoring relationships increasing employee performance and productivity.

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What's My Coaching Style

Coaching for Results

What's My Coaching Style explores personality style and how it relates to coaching and interpersonal relationships. Used by coaches and managers to identify and understand personality traits, maximise strengths, and minimise potential weaknesses.

Invaluable for anybody involved in helping others to improve their performance and get improved results across a wide spectrum of topics.

From £8.36 excl VAT

Coaching Effectiveness Profile

Effective Coaching = Improvement

Coaching is the process of bringing out the best in an individual. In fact, it is a key skill that contributes to the development of an organisation's most valuable asset - its people.

Coaching as a formal endeavour might be relatively new in some commercial or business organisations, but it's been around for a long time. Top athletes have personal coaches to help them improve and compete to be the best. Opera singers, actors, and public speakers hire coaches. Name an obscure occupation and chances are there's a coach for it.

In business or organisational work, coaching other people is an increasingly critical skill and one that can make the major difference in an individual’s ability to empower people successfully.

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Coaching Skills Inventory Participant Guide

No manager looks forward to approaching employees about job-performance problems — yet few tasks are more vitally important. The Coaching Skills Inventory offers a logical, 7-step formula for conducting coaching meetings that are based on mutual trust and respect.

Get Fit for Coaching - Self Assessment

25-item self-assessment with pressure-sensitive scoring, interpretive information, two self-paced activities for each of the five Coaching Competencies and action-planning. Order one guide per participant. ALSO ONLINE*.

Train the Trainer Coursebook 3rd Edition

Turn your managers into effective trainers overnight, the 3rd edition is thoroughly revised and updated, making it the most complete and valuable resource of its kind available today. Includes Coursebook CD–ROM
£35.20 excl VAT

Dialogi–Coaching Tool

An interactive learning tool for building practical coaching and mentoring skills. This is the ideal toolkit for Coaches, Mentors, Managers, Trainers and Teachers!
£25.00 excl VAT

Powerful Coaching Questions to Achieve Goals

Use this pack to put together a well-structured coaching discussion with clear outcomes. Using these questions will definitely challenge people to think for themselves!

All New Tricks for Trainers

160 pages of tricks and techniques to grab and hold the attention of any audience

Delegate Now! Working With Others To Get Tasks Done

This just-in-time tool will enable you to delegate effectively to get tasks done more efficiently. Your finite resource of time means that you just can’t do it all. Well executed delegation enables you to get better return on your time, develops people who work with you and gets work done to a high standard!

Setting Powerful Objectives

Powerful reminders about the huge payoff to be gained from setting meaningful objectives and clear guidelines on the potential pitfalls which can arise when people are not engaged or fearful about having objectives

Get Fit for Coaching Game Complete Kit

This is a fast-paced and fun game that gives participants the opportunity to practice five skills that are vital to effective coaching: Building Rapport, Observing and Analysing, Questioning and Listening, Providing Feedback, and Facilitating Learning.
£514.79 excl VAT

Performance Management Through 5 Key Conversations Participant Booklet

Designed to help managers identify their skill level in engaging employees in 5 key types of performance-related conversations. The instrument allows managers to create a profile of skill level in each of the 5 Key Conversations (comparing self assessment with peer feedback), providing insight on the areas for improvement. Order one Participant Guide per participant