Mars Rover Challenge - DELUXE GAME KIT

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Share the parts and double the learning.

You don't have to leave Earth for stelar skill development

The third edition of Mars Rover Challenge sends your participants on a space-aged adventure by transporting them to a top secret development lab to build a new prototype vehicle for the World Space Agency. In this deluxe combination kit of the leadership and teamwork version, participants become engaged in a compelling demonstration and firsthand experience of how leadership and teamwork affect performance.

The Mars Rover Challenge Deluxe Game Kit includes all the components you need to conduct both the leadership and teamwork versions of the game. It includes enough participant materials to train up to 18 participants for each version. All components except for the participant workbooks are reusable. For sessions with more than 3 teams, you may order an extra team pack for either the leadership or teamwork version. Additional participant Workbooks are available for individual purchase.

Mars Rover Challenge Deluxe Edition includes:

• 2 Facilitator Guides in a Single Binder
• 36 Workbooks
• 3 Game Parts Bags with K'NEX® Pieces
• 6 Blueprints
• 18 Price Lists (Printable .pdf file also included on USB flash drive)
• 1 Set of 3 Leader Role Cards
• 3 Sets of 6 Task cards
• 1 set of 3 Now or Never Cards
• 1 Poster
• 1 Set of 3 Team Color Cards
• 19 HRDQue Cards
• 1 Clear Plastic Wallet with Extra K'NEX® Pieces
• 1 Tote Bag

Attribute name Attribute value
OBJECTIVE Share the parts, double the learning
AUDIENCE Managers & Leaders of work groups, also new or intermediate-level work teams
TIME REQUIRED 1½ to 2 hours
AUTHOR HRDQ Research & Development Team