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Mars Rover Challenge - TEAMWORK Version Kit

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Complete Team Version Kit introduces the basic teamwork concepts such as interdependence, common goals, continuing interaction, valuing diversity, and creating a supportive work environment.

You don't have to leave Earth for stelar skill development

Help new teams understand what really separates groups from teams with Mars Surface Rover Team Edition, based on the award-winning Leadership Edition. It's a great way to introduce participants to the basic concepts of teamwork, which include interdependence, common goals, continuing interaction, valuing diversity, and creating a supportive work environment.

How the Mars Surface Rover Team Edition is played:

In Part I, participants are assigned individual tasks for building a prototype vehicle for ferrying astronauts across the surface of the planet Mars. These tasks are kept private from other participants and are completed behind a 4-panel screen.

In Part II, the participants are asked to complete the vehicle as a team, discussing ideas and sharing their individual expertise. At the end of the game, participants evaluate and discuss three key elements of teamwork: interdependence, communication/information flow, and common goals.

Participants will:

• Gain a clear understanding of the distinction between a team and a group

• Understand how their responsibilities are interdependent with those of their teammates

• Realise the importance of continual communication within the team.

Use the Mars Surface Rover Team Edition to:

• Develop new teams

• Rejuvenate established teams that have fallen back into group work

• Help teams in conflict understand the benefits of teamwork vs. group work.

A comprehensive Facilitator Guide includes step-by-step training instructions, answers to frequently asked questions, additional participant materials (reproducible), and participant handout masters.

What to Order:

For up to 21 participants, order:

one Complete Team Edition (260TV) including: 3 boxes of reusable parts (batteries included), 3 stopwatches, 21 Participant Guides, 4 calculators, 1 tablet of 30 price sheets, 3 screens, 1 set of 18 reusable task sheets, Facilitator Guide, and convenient tote box.

For each additional set of 5 players, order:

1 Set of 5 Mars Team Edition Participant Guides (260ATV), an Extra Parts Box (260BTV).

Attribute nameAttribute value
OBJECTIVETo illustrate the difference between groups and teams
AUDIENCENew or intermediate work teams
TIME REQUIRED1½ to 2 hours
AUTHORMatthew P. Eckler