Leadership Effectiveness Workshop Facilitators Guide

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Helps an organisation to develop the leadership skills of its workforce. Can be used as part of the overall employee training, or to develop those individuals who have strong leadership ability so that they can move into positions of greater responsibility. Includes one Participant Workbook.

The Leadership Effectiveness Workshop is also flexible enough to be used at all levels in the organisation, because it deals with the skills and characteristics considered necessary for effective leadership in any work or social setting.

The Workshop is set up to be delivered over a 16-hour or 2-day interactive workshop session. The sessions can be customised for a specific training group. A two-day programme can easily be expanded to three days or even extended to three days or even spread out over several half-day sessions.

About this Instructor's Guide

The Leadership Effectiveness Workshop Instructor's Guide contains all a facilitator requires to run a workshop on Leadership Effectiveness. It contains the following components:

• Introductory Notes

• A Suggested Timetable

• Background Notes for the Facilitator

• A Trainer Checklist

• Course Notes

• Action Planning and Evaluation Forms

• CD–ROM containing OHP Masters.

• One copy of Leadership Effectiveness Workshop Participant Workbook.

Attribute name Attribute value
FORMAT Binder with CD and Participant Workbook
OBJECTIVE To develop the skills of your workforce
AUDIENCE All leaders
TIME REQUIRED 16 hours or 2-days
AUTHOR Dr. Jon Warner, B.A., M.B.A.