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If you think performance issues will magically vanish into thin air, think again!

Are managers having multiple performance conversations with employees about nagging issues – with no apparent effect?  Or maybe the manager can’t see solutions to a problem and ignores it altogether. And then there's the control freak who likes to chew out employees when their performance isn't up to snuff. Unfortunately, these types of scenarios occur far too often in the workplace and they're a lose-lose predicament for not only the employee and manager, but the organisation as well.

There is a solution for these situations; the Coaching Skills Inventory is based on sound proven principles. The steps and skills involved are those that mark out the best coaches from the rest! The Inventory identifies strengths and weaknesses, provides a model for more effective coaching meetings, and enables before and after measurement of progress.

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Picture of Coaching Skills Inventory Participant Guide

Coaching Skills Inventory Participant Guide


Paper Assessment: Order One Per Participant.

Participant Guide includes:

  • 18-item inventory
  • Pressure-sensitive response form
  • 7-step Coaching Meeting Model
  • Interpretive information
  • Chart to plot profile
  • Action planning.
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Picture of Coaching Skills Inventory Facilitator Set

Coaching Skills Inventory Facilitator Set

£158.50 excl VAT

Facilitator Guide: Order One Guide Per Trainer.

Facilitator Guide includes:

  • Administrative guidelines
  • Theoretical background
  • Step-by-step workshop design
  • Optional activities
  • Reliability and validity
  • Normative data
  • The 7-step Coaching Meeting Model
  • Sample Coaching Meeting Skills Profile
  • Management Training Programme Design
  • Sample copy of Participant Guide
  • Reproducible post-training assessment
  • Download link containing Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation and reproducible masters including a Certificate of Achievement, Training Evaluation
  • 3-ring binder format.
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Picture of Coaching Skills Inventory Online Credit

Coaching Skills Inventory Online Credit


Online Assessment Option: Order One Per Participant.

The online assessment is administered to participants through the online portal (which you will be sent access to) and includes personalised reporting, full-colour charts, interpretive information, worksheets, and action planning. A detailed report is delivered electronically to the facilitator/administrator when complete. The trainer can control if the participant can access their report.

You will receive the assessment link/info via a separate email.

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