Change Management Predictor Participant Workbook


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Self Assessment: Order One Per Participant.

20-item self-scoring assessment, designed to help managers be more effective in meeting the challenge of today's fast changing business environment.

By developing insights into the change process, there will be increased awareness into why some people:

  • appear to be so threatened by change, while others are constantly dissatisfied with the status quo
  • see both sides of an issue and others cannot
  • respond to gradual, step-by-step change while others prefer radical, comprehensive changes.

The Change Management Predictor measures a person’s preferred style when confronted with change. The 20-item assessment is self-scoring and provides a personal change style score. This is based on the Change Style Continuum model.

What to order: You will need 1 self assessment per participant. For maximum benefit, purchase 1 Facilitator Guide per trainer.

CMP Selected Contents

  • Change Management Predictor Questionnaire
  • Your Change Management Predictor Profile
  • Background
  • Introduction

Part 1 Becoming Familiar with the CMP

  • Change Profiles
  • Consolidators
  • Operators
  • Initiators

Part 2 Benefiting from the CMP

  • Self-Awareness
  • Negative Perceptions of Others
  • The Change Management Challenge
  • Personal Action Plan

Part 3 Supporting Material

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Bibliography
  • About the Author.

The CMP Continuum Model

The CMP has no right or wrong, or 'better or worse' style or score and is a powerful self-awareness assessment instrument.

The three styles described by the CMP indicate distinct differences and preferences when approaching change.


Attribute name Attribute value
FORMAT Instrument
OBJECTIVE To increase individual's awareness of how they deal with change
AUDIENCE All organisation members
TIME REQUIRED 10-15 minutes to complete and score
AUTHOR Dr. John Nicholls