After Covid – Managing in the New Workplace

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The ultimate collaboration tool for team building and management. The understanding, knowledge and tools to maximise the performance of your team - any team - ongoing!

Each member completes the online questionnaire – there are no right or wrong answers! They then receive a personal profile map offering  greater understanding of themselves, how others may see them and understanding other members of the team. Critically you then have access to a whole suite of reports – too many to list here – advising how best to interact with colleagues and suggesting personal development strategies. This leads to improved performance with less unnecessary friction, conflict or stress.

iMapMyTeam helps create greater synergy and impact, with increased output and productivity, because everybody can see strengths, possible pinch points and understand differences, enabling them to work together more effectively.

For managers it supplies a team profile so that you can easily see the team strengths, and areas that need support. A great tool for building new teams, developing existing ones and repairing the broken!  iMapMyTeam is a brilliant resource when recruiting.  Why risk disruption by taking on someone who is a bad fit?

iMapMyTeam is like having a personal coach available 24/7 to provide guidance on the best way to work together as a team. 

Not to be confused with “one shot” assessments iMapMyTeam provides a year’s access and is an ongoing resource to support you in optimising team performance over time, adapting to changes.


Change Management Predictor

Cope with change more easily

Change is inevitable and usually well intentioned but managing individual and collective responses to changes is a real, and increasing challenge for everybody involved, whatever their role.

It is difficult to understand and predict how individual and organisational responses and behaviour will be affected by the changes themselves or the personalities and atitudes of those affected.

The Change Management Predictor is designed to smooth the path by increasing the awareness of your own approach and a greater appreciation of how best to work with others.

From £7.47 excl VAT

Emotional Intelligence Style Profile

Understand your own emotional intelligence!

The Emotional Intelligence Style Profile is carefully designed to help you understand the way you apply your emotional intelligence. Each person uses their emotions and intelligence in different ways, there is no right or wrong; better or worse just a greater appreciation of how to make adjustments that increase your effectiveness and impact; and how better to smooth your interaction with those around you!

This Profile has the potential to improve your interactions, relationships and involvement with everybody in your life!

From £13.09 excl VAT

Mastering the Change Curve

Helping organisations to change smoothly! 

If the individuals in your organisation are having a difficult time adapting and adjusting to organisational change, Mastering the Change Curve is your remedy!

It's an easy and effective change management assessment guide for bringing issues to the surface, providing a framework for healthy growth, and empowering individuals to shift their focus from the past to the future. Mastering the Change Curve is appropriate for individuals at any organisational level who are experiencing continuous change. The most appropriate target audience consists of individuals who are subject to change they did not initiate themselves.

From £21.50 excl VAT