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InDependence - Make flexible working work!

Make Flexible Working work!

Whether it’s home working, mobile working, job sharing, flexitime or any of the working arrangements that are not 9 to 5 in a fixed location – flexible working requires specific skills!

Flexible workers need to be especially skilled at motivating and managing themselves, as well as managing their interactions with team members, managers, other departments and of course customers. The skills apply equally to those colleagues who continue with 9 – 5 office-based arrangements in an environment where flexible working is in place.

The 7 skills focused on in this Skills Builder are not new but in the world of flexible working they need special attention and to be used thoughtfully. They can all be developed and learnt. Spending time improving and polishing them will facilitate productivity, and effectiveness and increase job satisfaction, well-being and morale.

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Picture of InDependence Workbook

InDependence Workbook


Workbook: Order One Per Participant

A self-managed learning tool. At the heart of the 47 page Workbook is the competency-based 7 skills profile and a 35 item self-assessment. The user is guided systematically through 7 personal learning and development steps and gets involved in a very hands-on way.

The Workbook can be used:

  • By an individual working alone
  • By involving their manager and/or a ‘buddy’
  • As the key resource in the InDependence Group Workshop
  • As part of a team-building exercise.
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Picture of InDependence Starter Pack

InDependence Starter Pack


Starter Pack: Each Pack includes a QuickStart Guide (digital format), 3 Participant Workbooks and 3 feedback forms

The Starter Pack includes: a Quickstart Guide to using the material. It focuses on familiarising managers, supervisors and team-leaders with the content of the Workbook and on guidelines for introducing the material and supporting staff development. Supporting staff in using the Skills Builder provides an excellent opportunity to build constructive and trusting working relationships – key components for successful flexible working.

Additional Workbooks and Feedback Forms can be ordered separately.

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Picture of InDependence - Complete Guide for Managers and Trainers

InDependence - Complete Guide for Managers and Trainers


Trainer Guide: Order One Guide Per Manager/Trainer.

A digital download:

Including enhanced guidelines for using the material with both individuals and groups – including preparation checklists, examples, step-by-step group workshop facilitation notes and a PowerPoint Presentation.

This guide will put you in an excellent position to:

  • support the development of the 7 key skills
  • prepare for the introduction of the human aspects of flexible working 
  • build trust and goodwill 
  • approach your role as a manager of flexible workers on a strong footing.

All downloads will be emailed to you with a digital download link following order dispatch.

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Picture of InDependence Feedback Pack

InDependence Feedback Pack


Feedback Pack: Each Pack includes 3 feedback forms

This is an optional tool that can provide a rich source of additional information for the participant. It should be completed by people who know the person well e.g. the manager, close friends or colleagues. It takes about 10 minutes to complete and score.

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