50 Activities for Promoting Ethics within the Organization


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Increase ethics awareness among your managers, teams and sales personnel with this 350-page resource

Increase ethics awareness among your managers, teams and sales personnel. Give employees actual practise in ethical decision-making. Clarify values and guidelines in your organisation. These ready-made games and exercises make it easy to address the sometimes intimidating topic of “ethics” in the workplace.

The 50 proven activities vary in length from 15–60 minutes and are organised into five sections:

• ethical leadership

• ethical management

• ethical corporate citizenship

• ethical teamwork

• ethical salesmanship

Each activity comes with step-by-step guidelines that make implementation easy: A timeframe, overview, purpose, group size, room arrangement, materials, method, discussion prompts, quotations, alternative ways to present the material and points of interest. This resource employs a variety of training methods including case studies, quizzes, handouts, buzz groups, role-plays, panels, assessments and more.

In a time when every organisation is being called to examine its moral climate, this is a great resource for supervisors, trainers, team leaders and others to teach employees the vital principles of ethical decision-making.

Training Objectives

• Increase ethics awareness among managers, teams and sales personnel

• Help develop values and guidelines

• Provide training activities to support organisational ethics policies

• Provide activities for practice in ethical decision-making

Training Methods

• Icebreakers

• Assessments

• Role plays

• Games

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FORMAT Resource binder
AUDIENCE All organisation members
AUTHOR Dr. Marlene Caroselli