The Political Animal Indicator® Facilitator Guidebook


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A positive way to help people learn about Workplace Politics The 32 page Political Animal Indicator® Facilitator Guidebook provides Learning & Development professionals with instructions on how to administer, interpret and use The Political Animal Indicator® in large group learning contexts. The Guidebook also explains how L&D professionals can successfully deliver half day ‘Political Animal Workshops’, using a bespoke PowerPoint presentation, to any Organisational audience.


The Political Animal Indicator® Facilitator Guidebook is the Technical Manual for the PAI® booklet.  It enables L&D professionals to use the PAI® booklet and Political Animal Workshop (PAW) PowerPoint presentation in group learning contexts.  The Facilitator Guidebook contains 2 instructional Sections:

    Section 1 - General Notes

    Section 2 - PAW Facilitation Notes


Section 1  -  General Notes

This Section helps Learning and Development (L&D) professionals (e.g. Trainers, Coaches and Consultants) to gain a comprehensive understanding of the PAI® booklet and how it can be used in different learning contexts to help people develop a positive set of political behaviours that can help them to create happier and healthier political work cultures and careers.  This Section also describes The Political Profile Questionnaire's© Administration and the Questionnaire Scoring process.

Section 2  -  PAW Facilitation Notes

This Section provides a detailed set of Facilitation Notes that L&D professionals can be used to successfully deliver a half day (4 hour) Political Animal Workshop to any Organisational audience.  The Political Animal Workshop is an experiential and highly interactive Workshop that fully engages and immerses Participants in the learning process. Key learning points covered on a PAW include a...

    Reappraisal - of the tacitly learnt assumptions people have about Workplace Politics

    Recognition - of the different Power Sources that exist within Organisations that people can leverage

    Reflection - on the cultural norms and mores that produce Positive or Negative political Work Cultures

    Regard - for the Political Animal Framework© and each Participant's unique Political Animal Profile©

    Review - of the Political Skills Participants want to develop to become behaviourally more politically positive

    Written - Political Skills self-development behavioural Agenda


The Political Animal Indicator® Facilitator Guidebook provides L&D professionals with a Technical Manual for the PAI® booklet, plus instructions on how to successfully deliver a 4 hour Political Animal Workshop using a bespoke PowerPoint presentation.

Technical Information

Instrument:   The Political Animal Indicator ® Facilitator Guidebook

Edition:           2022

Format:           32 Page, A4, Facilitator Guidebook

Audience:       L&D professionals (e.g. Trainers, Coaches, Consultants & Business School Lecturers)

Package:         PAI® guidebook, PAI® booklet, its questionnaire, and a PAW PowerPoint presentation

Usage:             Self-Study leading to knowledge of the PAI® booklet and skills to facilitate a PAW

Author:           Wayne Thomas, M.A., M.Sc., M.B.A., Ph.D.

Attribute name Attribute value
ORDERING GUIDE You will need 1 Self-Study Assessment per participant. For maximum benefit, purchase 1 Facilitator Guide per trainer
FORMAT Instrument
OBJECTIVE To help people develop positive and purposeful ‘Political’ behaviours
AUDIENCE Anyone with a minimum of 1 years full time Organisational work experience
TIME REQUIRED 4 hours in a Workshop context, 1 hour in a Coaching or Self-study context
AUTHOR Wayne Thomas, M.A., M.Sc., M.B.A., Ph.D.