The Political Animal Indicator®


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A positive way to learn about Workplace Politics The 12 page Political Animal Indicator® provides people with a positive behavioural introduction to, and an honest re-evaluation of, Workplace Politics. It includes a self-reported indication of someone’s current ‘Political Animal’ preferences, together with a way to identify typical political behaviours that can help or hinder people becoming more politically powerful, positive and performance orientated in a current, or future, job role.


The Political Animal Indicator® is a political behaviour building booklet that gives people a self-reported indication of their current Political Animal Profile© which either they, or their Managers, Mentors, Coaches or Colleagues, or a qualified TAFPI Facilitator can use, to create a behaviourally focussed political skills development agenda.

The PAI® encourages the development of positive political work behaviours so that people are better equipped to solve the different kinds of political problems that have emerged this century due to an increased use of Matrix and Complex Environment (MaCE) operating structures (i.e. Heterarchal/ Matrixed and Holarchic/Hybrid ways of working).

The PAI® booklet facilitates positive political behaviour learning outcomes by enabling people to:

          •   Reappraise - the routine assumptions they make about Workplace Politics

          •   Recognise - the different Power Sources that exist in their Workplace

          •   Review - The Political Animal Framework© and their own Political Animal Profile®

          •   Reflect - on the personal and professional implications of their own Political Animal Profile®

          •   Register - which Political Skills they want to develop in order to become more influential

          •   Write - a practice based and positive Political Skills self-development Agenda

The PAI ® booklet is unique in that it not only gives people a behavioural-based understanding of Workplace Politics  and provides those with a longstanding negative biases with a positive reappraisal and reinterpretation of the topic.

The PAI® can also acts as a political culture change primer that helps people to detect and discuss the negative political perceptions they - and or their key stakeholders may be using, during the stress-testing times of corporate transition (i.e. mergers, expansions, contractions, dissolutions, etc), inter-stakeholder conflict and individual growth.  Times when negative political behaviours are usually at their most dominant, demoralising and destructive.


The Political Animal Indicator® booklet is a political skills building development tool that can be used on Political Animal Workshops, Team learning or Individual coaching events to help people create happier and healthier political work cultures and careers by using more positive political behaviours.

Technical Information

Instrument:    The Political Animal Indicator®

Edition:            2022

Format:            12 page, A4, Workbook with a separate Political Profiling Questionnaire (PPQ)©

Metric:             2 page, A4, Paper-based, Carbonated, 36 Item PPQ© that produces 4 Axial Score Values

Manual:           The PAI® Facilitator Guidebook is the Technical Manual for the PAI® booklet

Audience:       All levels with a minimum of 1 years full time Organisational work experience

Delivery:          Half day (4 hour) Political Animal Workshop (PAW)

Author:             Wayne Thomas, M.A., M.Sc., M.B.A., Ph.D.

Attribute name Attribute value
ORDERING GUIDE You will need 1 Self-Study Assessment per participant. For maximum benefit, purchase 1 Facilitator Guide per trainer
FORMAT Instrument
OBJECTIVE To help people develop positive and purposeful ‘Political’ behaviours
AUDIENCE Anyone with a minimum of 1 years full time Organisational work experience
TIME REQUIRED 4 hours in a Workshop context, 1 hour in a Coaching or Self-study context
AUTHOR Wayne Thomas, M.A., M.Sc., M.B.A., Ph.D.