The Manager's Pocket Guide to Effective Meetings


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If you hold meetings, then this 188-page book is a must!

The Manager's Pocket Guide to Effective Meetings teaches managers to lead meetings smoothly, efficiently, and effectively. Learn easy, proven techniques that keep you in control, and facilitate the contributions of others in your meetings.

Learn easy, proven techniques that keep you in control of your meetings. This complete guide to effective meetings will show you how to prepare for success and end with results. It includes structured activities that keep everyone focused on your issues, practical techniques for dealing with unproductive participants, and essential considerations for high tech meetings. If you hold meetings, this book is a must!

Selected Contents:

The Elements of an Effective Meeting

  How to Prepare an Agenda That Works

  Process Tools That Keep You in Control

  Action Items That Lead to Results

Leadership in Meetings
  Leaders Create a Productive Environment
  How to Deal With Amazing Ideas
  How to Stop Unproductive Behaviour
  How to Save an Unmanageable Meeting
Telephones, Video, and Computers


  Videoconference, and

  Computer-Aided Meetings

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