Increase Your Confidence and Motivation at Work & Socially

We all have various levels of self-worth. In the past, discussion about a person's self-worth was taboo and certainly not encouraged. The Self-Worth Inventory (SWI) is a simple yet powerful process to help measure your levels of self-worth in specific areas of your life. The SWI does not create self-worth; it confirms what is already true.

Reduce the negative impact that events have on an individual's self-worth levels. This can be achieved by a better understanding of situations and specific approaches for maintaining and increasing self-worth levels. Many organisations and individuals use the Self-Worth Inventory on a regular and planned basis

Picture of Self-Worth Inventory

Self-Worth Inventory


Paper Assessment Option: Order One Per Participant.

The print version is ideal for facilitators who prefer to oversee scoring and administration of the assessment if you don't know who the participants will be before the class begins, or if your learners do not have easy access to computers. It is a scientifically developed, self-administered, and self-scored self-worth instrument.

Understand what self-worth is and how it is developed. Identify your current self-worth levels in five critical areas. Learn about strategies to continuously increase your level of confidence and self-worth.

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Picture of Self-Worth Inventory Trainer Guidelines

Self-Worth Inventory Trainer Guidelines


Facilitator Guide: Order One Guide Per Trainer.

The SWI Trainer's Guidelines will help you

  • Explain how Powerful Self-Worth is for Success in all Areas of Life;
  • Outline an Action Plan Template for Your Clients; and
  • Develop a compelling 2 to 6 hour Training on the SWI.

Self-worth is a powerful force that can either make or break us.
Give your clients the information they need to succeed.

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Picture of Self-Worth Inventory Online Self-Assessment Credit

Self-Worth Inventory Online Self-Assessment Credit


Online Assessment Option: Order One Per Participant.

The Online Self-Worth Inventory (SSI) can be completed online 24/7, if you or your client have an Internet connection. The Online SWI automatically totals your responses to the 40 questions and provides a summary of each of the 5 sections, plus your self-concept, self-esteem, and overall self-worth levels.

The Online SWI includes all the content of the print-based assessment. Your results are stored in your very own Individual Learning Center where you can view, print, or forward (email) them to anyone at any time. The Online SWI is a powerful option to enhance virtual support, coaching, career, confidence, professional development, and/or educational processes.

You will receive the assessment link/info via a separate email.

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