Presentation Skills Profile

Deliver Powerful Presentations

Speaking in front of others can be a confusing and even terrifying experience But you can successfully train your participants, even those with no prior experience, to effectively prepare and deliver presentations?

The Presentation Skills Profile (PSP) takes the mystery out of designing and delivering high-impact presentations.

Designed to ease the stress associated with public presentations, by analysing how the respondent prepares and delivers presentations, provides an opportunity for peer feedback on a specific presentation, and then offers a walk-through of preparation and delivery for future presentations.

Picture of Presentation Skills Profile

Presentation Skills Profile


Paper Assessment: Order One Per Participant.

The print version is ideal for facilitators who prefer to oversee scoring and administration of the assessment if you don't know who the participants will be before the class begins, or if your learners do not have easy access to computers. It includes pressure-sensitive forms for scoring to aid manual tabulation, and includes interpretive information, worksheets, and action planning.

Code: 592
Picture of Presentation Skills Profile Feedback

Presentation Skills Profile Feedback


Paper Feedback: Purchase at Least Three Feedback Assessments Per Self Participant. (Recommended).

The Observer Form is designed to check the accuracy of a coach’s perception, by allowing the coach to see how their peers perceive their style.

Code: 592B
Picture of Presentation Skills Profile Facilitator Guide

Presentation Skills Profile Facilitator Guide


Facilitator Guide: Order One Guide Per Trainer.

This detailed, step-by-step guide for planning and delivering a powerful learning experience gives you everything you need to facilitate a full-day workshop, including background information, assessment instructions, scripts, discussion questions, activities, a USB drive containing a PowerPoint presentation, poster, samples of the assessment, and Observer Form. Facilitator support materials will be emailed to you as a digital download link following order despatch.

Code: 592G
Picture of Presentation Skills Profile Online Credit

Presentation Skills Profile Online Credit


Online Assessment Option:Order One Per Participant.

The online assessment is administered to participants through the online portal (which you will be sent access to) and includes personalised reporting, full-colour charts, interpretive information, worksheets, and action planning. A detailed report is delivered electronically to the facilitator/administrator when complete. The trainer can control if the participant can access their report.

You will receive the assessment link/info via a separate email.

Code: CR592