The Political Savvy Profile®


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The SMART way to develop a Political Practitioner skill-set The 20 page Political Savvy Profile® booklet (and its accompanying 36 item, easy to administer, carbonated, Political Profiling Questionnaire©), provides people with a self-reported Political Savvy Profile® as part of a 6 Step political skills development process that can help build ‘SMART’ Political Practitioner skill-sets.


The Political Savvy Profile® is designed to develop ‘Positive’ political influencing skills, which will help people to become more politically powerful and capable of creating happier and healthier corporate cultures, careers and communities of practice for themselves and their key stakeholders.

The Political Savvy Profile® booklet can be used both individually (in Self-Study or Coaching contexts) and collectively (in Group learning or presentational contexts) to help people produce practice based Action Plans that address 'real life' political work problems.

The Political Savvy Profile® achieve its learning outcomes using a 6 Step‘Political Practitioner’ skills development process which encourages and enables people to:

  • Step 1 : REVEAL- their Political Perceptions
  • Step 2 : REGARD- the Political Savvy Framework©
  • Step 3 : RECORD- their Political Savvy Profile® Scores
  • Step 4 : READ- their Political Savvy Profile®
  • Step 5 : REVIEW- the ‘SMART’ Political Savvy Skill Areas
  • Step 6 : WRITE- a Political Savvy Action Plan

The performance orientated Political Savvy Profile® also provides clarity on the five 'SMART' Political Savvy Skill Areas that are critical when ‘politically influencing’ - both locally and globally - in Matrix and Complex Environment (MaCE) © like operating structures and cross-process roles, namely:

  • Stakeholdering - The ability to prioritise & manage diverse stakeholder needs & success measures
  • Morality - The ability to build trusting key stakeholder relationships across the political landscape
  • Alignment - The ability to align your own Goals, Ambitions & Values with those of an Organization
  • Rapport-building - The ability to authentically engage, inspire and work with different stakeholders
  • Tactical-nous - The ability to access information & take difficult decisions to achieve agreed outcomes

In addition to its primary purpose as a political skills development booklet, The Political Savvy Profile® can also be used by HR or OD type Consultants as a ‘political culture change primer’.

In this role the Political Savvy Profile® enables people to detect and discuss the ‘Negative’ political practices that they or others once used (or may currently be using), during the stress testing times of organisational ‘change’ (i.e. expansions, contractions or dissolutions), individual ‘transition’ (e.g. prescribed or personal development, promotion, etc), or inter-stakeholder ‘conflict’ (i.e. when ‘Negative’ political behaviours are typically at their most dominant, demoralising and destructive).


The Political Savvy Profile® is a unique - performance orientated - political skills development booklet that provides advanced ‘political influencing’ tools which empower people to create happier and healthier political work cultures, careers and communities of practice by becoming ‘SMARTPolitical Savvy Practitioners.

Application:          Workshops, Individual or Team Coaching Sessions, Self-Study

Format:           20 Page, A4, Workbook with a separate 2 Page, Carbonated, Political Profiling Questionnaire©

Metric:           2 page, A4, Paper-based, Carbonated, 36 Item Questionnaire that produces 4 Axial Score Values

Instructions:        The Political Savvy Profile® Facilitator Guidebook is the Technical Manual for the booklet

Attribute name Attribute value
ORDERING GUIDE You will need 1 Self-Study Assessment per participant. For maximum benefit, purchase 1 Facilitator Guide per trainer.
FORMAT Instrument
OBJECTIVE To help people develop a positive and purposeful ‘Political Influencing’ skill-set
AUDIENCE Anyone with a minimum of 1 years full time Organisational work experience
TIME REQUIRED 4 hours in a Workshop context, 1 hour in a Coaching or Self-study context
AUTHOR Wayne Thomas, M.A., M.Sc., M.B.A., Ph.D.

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