Personal Style Assessment Short Version


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This instrument is designed to give you insight into your style in dealing with others and in learning new things,

Short Version of the Personal Style Assessment

This assessment deals with the concept of Styleflexing. One premise that underlies the value of learning about communication styles is that by determining the primary style of any party we’re talking with, we can then communicate with them in their own style and be that much more likely to be understood and accepted.

Interpretation: Your Four Communicating Styles

There are four behaviour patterns that strongly influence how we communicate and how we are perceived by those with whom we interact.

These four patterns: INTUITOR, THINKER, FEELER, SENSOR, were first recognised and researched by Carl Jung. According to Jung, what really accounts for our personality differences is the mixture of these four patterns of behaviour that each of us possess. We are all a combination of the four. The mixture is genetically determined, Jung believed, and can be seen in infants at an early age. Teachers in the elementary grades have no difficulty in identifying the mixture in their students.

Although your particular mix of the four patterns might change slightly over time, they are inborn and relatively stable.

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