Personal Creativity Assessment


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Develop Personal Creativity in your organisation with this Assessment. Reports the respondents positive or negative posture on 31 creativity barriers and 31 creativity enablers. The resulting creativity profile outlines how to lower barriers and improve enablers in order to facilitate more productive, directed creativity.

Are You Creative?

You probably are, everyone is capable of creative thinking at some level. However, it is revealing to look closely at the barriers and enablers of creativity and to see which ones relate to you. By doing this you can not only gauge how creative your workplace behaviour is right now, but you can also identify how to make it more creative.

The Personal Creativity Assessment (PCA) allows an individual to quickly determine how they measure up in the realm of creativity. The 62-item assessment correlates to 31 creativity barriers and 31 creativity enablers. The PCA also provides useful instructions on how to either overcome or enhance barriers and enablers.

Presented in a non-threatening format, the PCA is an excellent activity to conduct in a workshop or group setting where creativity is an issue.

The Key to Creativity Enablers and Barriers

Each of the questions in the PCA measures a specific enabler or barrier that can have an important effect on your creativity. There are a great many possible factors that can affect how creative you are (62 in this Assessment). It is difficult, if not possible, to work on every factor that might affect your creativity. Instead, the PCA helps to focus on a handful of factors that are important right now, based on your individual profile. The assessment will help you identify the most likely candidates for work right now.

Personal Creativity Assessment Selected Contents:

• The Personal Creativity Assessment

• Analysis and Interpretation

• Key to Creativity Enablers and Barriers

• Action Steps for Personal Improvement

• Creativity Enablers

• Barrier Factors.

Selected Creativity Enablers

• Knowledge

• Locus of control

• Confidence

• Open-mindedness

• Experience.

Selected Creativity Barriers

• Lack of skill diversity

• Limited opportunities for skill development

• Few challenges

• Little sense of personal responsibility

• Limited size of solution sets.

FORMAT Self-scoring creativity assessment
OBJECTIVE To develop Personal Creativity
AUDIENCE All organisation members
TIME REQUIRED 20-25 minutes
AUTHOR Alexander Hiam