Negotiating Styles Profile


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Everyone negotiates! This Instrument identifies the benefits of using a particular style and helps clarify the link between behaviour and its consequences. It also gives suggestions on ways to use each style preference. ALSO ONLINE*.

The Negotiating Styles Profile is designed to help individuals understand their personal negotiating style preferences and find ways to adjust or flex their style to achieve better results.

Each person has their own unique negotiating style

Depending on the responses to the questions, people will usually score in all four styles, which means that they will use each style at different times or negotiating circumstances. The effective negotiating grid has four quadrants, each representing one of four basic styles. These are:

• Pushy Bullying

• Quietly Manipulating

• Carefully Suggesting

• Confidently Promoting.

Anyone can learn how to use all four styles. In fact, the best negotiators sometimes use all four styles during the same negotiation. If the respondent is completely honest in their answers, the results will show that the individual has a Primary Style and a Secondary Style that are considerably stronger than the other two. This means that they are likely to adopt these styles more often and with greater ease than other styles.

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Attribute name Attribute value
FORMAT Assessment
OBJECTIVE To help individuals understand their personal negotiating style preferences
AUTHOR Dr. Jon Warner, B.A., M.B.A.