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Leadership Skills Inventory–Trainer's Guidelines


Category: Instruments
Code: 4006T

Individual and Group Exercises to explain the best ways to use the Leadership Skills resources

Start the shift in your organisation toward inspiring, motivating transformational leaders with the LSI-S and LSI-S Trainer’s Guidelines.

Completing the assessment is only the first step. Create strong leaders in your organisation with the Leadership Skills Inventory—Self (LSI-S). The LSI-S, more than other assessments, requires discussion and action plans to move forward. The information is useless unless you do something with it. Help your clients move forward. Give them a venue to start discussing their results and creating a plan for the future.

In the LSI-S Trainer’s Guidelines, you will find the following:

• A 2 to 6 hour Presentation Template

• A Comprehensive Introduction to Transforming Leadership

• How to use the LSI-Others with the LSI-Self

• Individual and Group Exercises

FORMAT Self-scoring instrument
OBJECTIVE To improve the quality of group problem-solving and decision-making
AUTHOR Everett T. Robinson, M.A.