Junkyard Games - Extra Parts

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Code: 250GP
1 bag of game parts to train an additional team of 4-8 participants. All parts are reusable.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not the complete game.

What to Order

For training sessions with more than 3 groups, order one Junkyard Games - Extra Parts pack per team. All parts are reusable.

Uses for the Game

Junkyard Games is effective either as a stand-alone activity or as part of a more comprehensive training programme. Here are some suggested applications for the game:

• Kick off a team-building workshop or seminar
• Introduce the concept of innovation
• Energise an existing team’s level of creativity for innovation
• Practice using innovation skills in a 'safe' environment.

For assistance with determining your materials needs telephone (01267) 281661.

Attribute name Attribute value
OBJECTIVE To increase levels of creativity
TIME REQUIRED 1.5 – 2 hours
AUTHOR Ron Roberts and Bernie DeKoven

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