Interviewer's Pocketbook 3rd Edition


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A pocketful of tips, tools and techniques to ensure you select the best people and avoid costly recruitment mistakes

Revised 3rd Edition

The Interviewer's Pocketbook has had a major overhaul in this new third edition and now focuses exclusively on the recruitment interview. The opening chapters look in detail at the necessary skills for conducting an interview: questioning techniques, listening skills and interpretation of body language. Types of question are explored, with ways in which to use them, as well as questions to avoid asking, while a helpful example interview shows the techniques in action. Later chapters cover preparing for and conducting the interview, including looking at job descriptions and specifications, preparing evidence questions, and evaluation of candidates.

Selected Contents Include:

Understanding Interviews: About this book, why good interviews matter, the stakes are high, the interview challenge, what makes a successful interview? common interview mistakes, which skills do you need?

Questioning Techniques: A word of warning, types of questions, additional techniques, keeping the interviewee on track, silence.

Questions to Avoid: Leading questions, psychology questions, discriminatory questions, self-appraisal questions, brainteaser questions, multiple questions.

Listening Techniques: Good listening skills, the 30/70 rule, listening barriers, you can't multi-task listening, taking notes, hearing clearly, paralinguistics.

Understanding Body Language: Using body language, postures and gestures, eye contact, orientation, proximity, looks/appearance, expressions of emotion, interpreting body language, mirroring body posture, echoing talking speed.

Preparing for the Interview: Preparation, the candidate's information, checking the job description, the job specifiation, quantifying the job specification, preparing evidence questions, preparing answers, shortlisting applicants, scheduling the interview, preparing the interview room.

Conducting the Interview: Meeting the candidate, opening the interview, the interview process, an interview sample, how successful was the interview? answering the candidate's questions, cloaing the interview, evaluating candidates, matrix, reference checking, follow-up.

Illustrated by Phil Hailstone.

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FORMAT Pocketbook
AUTHOR Sean McManus & John Townsend