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Order one per team.

This is not your ordinary team assessment

The Extraordinary Teams Inventory (ETI) is a team-building assessment and soft-skills training programme that measures five indicators of extraordinary teams. Based on the book Extraordinary Groups, this team-building training package includes corporate training materials to help teams and team members build the effective teamwork skills that improve performance using an online assessment, participant workbook, and training workshop.

Used in tandem with the online team assessment, the Extraordinary Teams participant workbook is designed to support the half-day workshop. It contains in-depth information about extraordinary teams, interpretive information, discussion questions, and action planning. The workbook also serves as a useful post-training reference tool.

Table of Contents

• Introduction

• Workshop Learning Objectives

• What is an Extraordinary Team?

• The Extraordinary Team Model & The Five Indicators of an Extraordinary Team

• Understanding the ETI Report

• Reflecting on Your Team's Profile

• Exploring the ETI with Your Teammates

• ETI Discussion Questions

• Team Report Group Discussion

• Team Action-Planning

• Individual Action-Planning

• After the Workshop

• Summary of Suggested Action

• References and Further Reading.

Extraordinary Teams Inventory–ONLINE TEAM ASSESSMENT

Also available, The Extraordinary Team Inventory (ETI) is an online team assessment that measures the Five Indicators of Extraordinary Teams: Compelling Purpose, Embracing Difference, Full Engagement, Strengthened Relationships, and Profound Learning. The combined results of the 25-item inventory produces a full-colour Team Profile that serves as the basis for the half-day workshop. The team assessment takes approximately 15 minutes to complete and we recommend you allow an hour for interpretation and group discussion.

The foundation for the half-day workshop, the ETI is administered to team members through HRDQ Assessment Center portal. A full-colour, detailed report is delivered electronically to the facilitator or administrator when complete.

• 25-item online inventory

• Personalised, full-colour Team Report

• What is an Extraordinary Team?

• About This Report

• Overall ETI Ratings

• Extraordinary Teams Indicator Ratings

• Next Steps

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The ten practices of Extraordinary Teams:

  1. Outstanding Results
  2. Personal Transformation
  3. Compelling Purpose
  4. Embracing Difference
  5. Full Engagement
  6. Strong Relationships
  7. Shared Leadership
  8. Great Meetings
  9. Genuine Curiosity 
  10. Adaptive Structure
Attribute name Attribute value
AUTHOR HRDQ Research & Development Team
FORMAT Digital Format
OBJECTIVE Team building, communication, conflict resolution, and trust building.
TIME REQUIRED Assessment: 20 minutes. Interpretation: 90-120 minutes.
ORDERING GUIDE Order 1 credit for 3–20 team members