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Exploring Personal Styles

The perfect follow-up to any personality-style training, Exploring Personal Styles helps participants learn to accept and appreciate their differences. This collection of activities is divided into 3 suggested formats: one-hour, half-day, or full-day workshops. Extensive guidelines help you choose the activities and the format that are right for your audience.
Code: 264
Category: Assessments

This collection of over 30 activities range from light and easy-going to more in-depth and compelling group discussions. They all provide insight into the unique qualities of each personality dimension. A facilitator is needed to administer the activities. Pre-work information and a selection of activities are provided, as are reproducible handouts for discussion during the session. Procedures are described in detail for the facilitator in the preparation section and under each activity's specific directions.

Participants will learn:

• new ways of approaching and dealing with others

• how to capitalise on their own and others' strengths

• the real sources of their irritation with others' personalities

• how to recognise and curb the temptation to judge or criticise.

For maximum impact use Exploring Personal Styles together with the Personal Style Inventory!

Activities Include

• Workshop Objectives

• Icebreaker 1: Draw a Picture of Your Style

• Icebreaker 2: Style Strengths Needed in My Position

• Reviewing Scores and Styles

• Listening/Understanding/and Explaining/Answering

• How People with Different Styles React to Situations

• How Managers with Different Styles React to Situations

• Strengths and Weaknesses of Different Styles

• How the Different Styles Cause Misunderstandings and Conflicts (Long Version)

• How the Different Styles Cause Misunderstandings and Conflicts (Short Version)

• Adapting to the Needs of Different Styles

• Using the Strengths of People with Different Styles

• Debriefing the Workshop

• Comparing Strengths and Weaknesses in Daily Interactions

• Using the Strengths of the Other Dimensions

• Building a Team by Examining its Strengths and Weaknesses

• Seeing Ourselves as Others See Us

• Behave Yourself

• Picture This

• The Many Dimensions of My Job

• The Many Sides of My Personality

• Mutual Admiration Society

• Famous People’s Styles Trivia

• A Generic Discussion

• A Family Portrait

• A Family Affair

• Creating the Perfect Team or Department #1

• Creating the Perfect Team or Department #2

• I Love a Good Mystery

• I Wish I Could Be More…

• If the Shoe Fits…

• Voicing Some Reservations

• I Wish I Weren’t So…

Products specifications
Format Activity Collection
Objective To help participants clarify strengths and weaknesses of personality styles
Audience Trainers and programme designers
Time Required 1 to 5 hours per activity
Author R. Craig Hogan, Ph.D.
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