Entrepreneurial Style and Success Indicator Trainer's Guidelines


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Think like an entrepreneur; improve your training session experience by using the ESSI Trainer's Guidelines in your presentation!

Risk is an inherent part of entrepreneurship. Help your clients limit that risk by taking them through the Entrepreneurial Style and Success Indicator.

Just as it is important to identify the competition and the effects they will have on your business, it is important to identify the internal strengths of your team to create a high probability of success.

By using the ESSI Trainer's Guidelines you will help your clients to

• define entrepreneurial style

• discriminate between potential and ability

• use the proven success factors to further their own success.

Table of contents

Section One: Instrument Review

Quick Summary

Uses and Applications

Final Comments

User Quotes

Section Two: Instrument Background

ESSIMission Statement

ESSI History

ESSI Strengths

ESSI Limitations

Section Three: Trainer's Outline

Main Concepts to Present

Session Objectives

Session Outlines and Timelines

Section Four: Trainer's Guidelines


Definition of Successful Leadership

Step-by-Step Presentation

Entrepreneurial Success Factors Exercise

Entrepreneurial Style Sharing Exercise

Style Shifting for Success Exercise

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AUTHOR Everett T. Robinson, M.A.