Entrepreneurial Style and Success Indicator


Code: 4010

Identify your inherent entrepreneurial strengths and difficulties. Compare your character traits to those of other successful entrepreneurs. Learn specific ways to enhance entrepreneurial effectiveness and success. ALSO ONLINE*.

Potential for achievement in the business world depends upon many factors, but the entrepreneurs (and intrapreneurs) who have been most successful all appear to share similar qualities.

The Entrepreneurial Style and Success Indicator (ESSI) is a scientifically developed 24-page instrument which is self-administered, self-scored and contained within three parts. The first part assesses personal entrepreneurial style and explains how this is related to success in different business situations. The second part assesses how well attitudes and previous experience may already provide suitable foundations for entrepreneurial achievement. The final part reveals how to increase potential for success as an entrepreneur by using practical suggestions for building personal strengths and overcoming weaknesses.

The ESSI has a wide range of applications ranging from personal development, career planning and counselling, to applications in business courses, seminars and workshops on sales training and business development.

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Attribute name Attribute value
FORMAT Instrument, also available online
OBJECTIVE To assess entrepreneurial style
TIME REQUIRED 30 minutes to complete and score
AUTHOR Terry D. Anderson, Ph.D., Ken Keis, M.B.A., and Howard L. Shenson, C.M.C.