Emotional Smarts-Form A


Category: Assessments
Code: M623A
Provides a visual image of your skills in the four cornerstones. The self-scoring section consists of 94 statements.

Short Version: Profiles the four cornerstone skills of the Emotional SMARTS® model.

The Emotional SMARTS Self-Scoring Profile, (Form A), is designed to help you understand and improve your emotional intelligence skills. You will have the opportunity to assess your emotional wellness as it relates to the four cornerstones of the Emotional Smarts! model.

Your own private and personal learning tool

Emotional SMARTS will help you identify your knowledge and skill relating to the four cornerstones of the Emotional SMARTS model. Upon completion of the profile, you should be able to identify your knowledge and skills in the areas of:

(A) Awareness

(B) Behavioural Skills

(C) Contact or Connection Skills

(D) Decision-making Skills.

Form A Profile Overview

The Emotional SMARTS Self-Scoring Profile should enable you to:

• Capitalise on your Emotional SMARTS strengths

• Discover your Emotional SMARTS weaknesses

• Gain understanding of important Emotional SMARTS skills and competencies

• Better understand yourself and others

• Improve your decision-making skills.

FORMAT Self-scoring questionnaire
OBJECTIVE To identify and understand personality styles and strengths
AUDIENCE All organisation members
AUTHOR June Donaldson, MBA, Ed.D