Emotional Intelligence Style Profile


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This 32 item, self scoring assessment identifies your most pronounced natural tendency to be Reflective, Conceptual, Organised, or Empathetic. ALSO ONLINE*.

'Emotional intelligence' (EQ) refers to the personal-management and social skills that allow us to succeed in our interactions with other people. Intuition, character, integrity, motivation, and communication and relationship skills are all part of emotional intelligence.

EQ draws on two simple concepts: applying knowledge appropriately, and applying feelings appropriately. Being intellectually and emotionally astute or tuned-in to a particular situation or interaction and adjusting our behaviour according to what we know and perceive- applying emotional intelligencew-is considered an important factor in pewrsonal and professional success.

The Emotional Intelligence Style Profile is designed to help you understand the way you apply your emotional intelligence style, preferences, and behaviour. It can help you determine how appropriately and effectively you apply your knowledge and feelings in a given situation, and it is this understanding that forms the basis on which you can make adjustments in order to be more effective in the future, personally as well as professionally.

This instrument will not help determine your degree of emotional intelligence or your relative state of emotional health.

Each person uses his or her emotions and intelligence in different ways. One style is not better or worse than another. Therefore, there are no 'right' or 'wrong' responses. As you will see in this explanatory material, almost everyone's responses to the questions at some point will fall within each of four broad emotional intelligence style quadrants. What that means is that in our day-to-day actions or behaviour, we will draw to some extent on each of the four styles.

This is a self-scoring profile. Once you have responded to all the statements, you will plot your scores on the emotional intelligence grid.

This gives a graphic representation of emotional intelligence style. Some general interpretive information has been included in the back of this booklet to help you determine whether you can increase your personal effectiveness by learning how to switch styles according to the demands of the situation.

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Format Self-scoring assessment, also available online
Objective To help understand how to apply emotional intelligence style, preference and behaviour
Audience All organisational members
Time Required 30 minutes
Author Dr. Jon Warner, B.A., M.B.A.