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Designed to assess how an individual behaves in their leadership role with their team. Includes Sample copy of the Revised Dynamic Leader Participant Workbook and Powerpoint presentation CD-ROM

Equipping leaders to face the challenges of a changing world

Understanding is only the first part of increasing leadership effectiveness.


The Dynamic Leader Inventory is designed to assess how an individual behaves in their leadership role with their team. It provides a measure of the extent to which an individual provides ‘dynamic leadership’, self-assessing the frequency with which each of 49 leadership behaviours are used. This produces scores on seven facets of dynamic leadership. Scores are compared with those of others and a series of standardised scores produced.

The DLI also includes a 16-item measure of the individual’s leadership role and situation. Extensive research carried out by the authors is used to establish what is most likely to be an effective pattern of leadership behaviour for the individual, given their particular circumstances. Individuals compare their behaviour with that of others in similar contexts that have been independently assessed as effective. They use this information to explore how they might change their behaviour and develop to improve their leadership effectiveness.

There is a unique Leadership Application Guide included in the interpretive materials. The Dynamic Leader Facilitator Pack provides examples and insights into the most effective use of the DLI.

Target Groups

The Dynamic Leader Inventory is appropriate for people who are in, or aspire towards, any position of leadership, irrespective of organisational level.

Supported by a comprehensive Facilitator Guide chapter topics include:

• Overview of the Dynamic Leader

• Background to the Dynamic Leader

• Inventory Norms, Reliability and Validity Data

• Applying Dynamic Leader in Different Situations

• Further Thoughts on Leadership and the Dynamic Leader

• References and Suggested Further Reading

There are also Appendices of Inventory Items and Reliability and Validity Data.

NEW article available

The Dynamic Leader Revisited: 360-degree assessments of leadership behaviours in different leadership situations.

This is available from the download section.

Attribute name Attribute value
FORMAT Inventory
OBJECTIVE To improve Leadership
AUDIENCE Leaders, managers, and supervisors
TIME REQUIRED 20-30 minutes to complete and score plus further time to process the inventory
AUTHOR Tony Manning and Bob Robertson

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