Creativity & Presentation

The range of Creativity and Presentation products includes inventories and assessments to help participants uncover and develop workplace creative skills. The products are supported by comprehensive Facilitator Guides.

Creativity now tops the list of critical ‘soft skills’. The ability to make new things or think of new ideas demonstrably makes a substantial contribution to performance and profitability. Through systematic development individuals and teams are able to improve their creative problem-solving skills and manage their creativity.

Becoming more productive and creative enables individual and organisations to become more effective leaders in today's competitive markets. Your competition is likely to target it as a skill for development now and in the future - and you should, too.

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Creativity and Innovation Effectiveness Profile

Everybody has the capacity to be creative at work!

Creativity doesn't need to be seen as only the domain of 'creative types.' Any individual in the right circumstances can exhibit it, just by having a new or different view.

In other words, creativity is having an alternative or different perspective from everyone else. This can be especially useful in work, group or familiar settings where most people generally think in the same, traditional way.

So everybody can contribute creatively, The Creativity & Innovation Effectiveness Profile will help to refine and develop confidence and skills.

From £10.31 excl VAT

Presentation Skills Profile

Designed to ease the stress associated with public presentations, PSP analyses how the respondent prepares and delivers presentations, provides for peer feedback on a specific presentation, and then offers a walk-through of preparation and delivery for future presentations.

Presentation Skills Profile - Online Credit

This credit allows you to distribute the Presentation Skills Profile Online Assessment to yourself or a participant of your choice. One credit per participant, required.
£20.29 excl VAT

Breakthrough Creativity Profile Participant Guide (Second Edition)

60-page workbook full of practical tools and three workshops. Combines self-assessment with classroom training to help both individuals and teams improve their creative problem-solving skills, develop the ability to be inventive, become more productive, and achieve their creative best.

Personal Creativity Assessment

Develop Personal Creativity in your organisation with this Assessment. Reports the respondents positive or negative posture on 31 creativity barriers and 31 creativity enablers. The resulting creativity profile outlines how to lower barriers and improve enablers in order to facilitate more productive, directed creativity.

Junkyard Games - Complete Kit

Outrageously fun innovation simulation game for employee and management development training. This team activity is an engaging and interactive experiential instructional game that improves the effectiveness of team and individual innovation skills.
£820.00 excl VAT

Encouraging Innovation Through 5 Key Conversations Participant Booklet

Managers can tap into their employees’ creative processes and encourage ownership of the innovation each step of the way

The Manager's Pocket Guide to Creativity

Use this guide to unleash the creative potential in others by understanding the key enablers and barriers to creativity. Directed creativity is possibly the most important problem solving skill.

Presentation Skills Profile–Feedback

Designed to provide useful feedback to presenters

Presentation Skills Profile–Facilitator Guide

Needed to administer the PSP. Includes Sample training design, theoretical background, overhead transparency Masters and activity handouts with case studies

Breakthrough Creativity Profile Facilitator Set (Second Edition)

Organisations that integrate creativity into their DNA can achieve significant benefits, including better team performance, increased flexibility, greater retention rates, and improved problem solving. A combination of self-assessment and classroom workshop, this fully revised second edition helps individuals and teams to leverage their creative strengths, improve their problem-solving skills, increase productivity, and achieve their creative best.
£145.52 excl VAT

Breakthrough Creativity Profile Theoretical Background

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