Breakthrough Creativity Profile Theoretical Background


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It’s not IF you’re creative… it’s HOW you’re creative!

When people are asked to describe a creative person, they usually come up with terms such as artistic, imaginative, or entrepreneurial. But the fact is everyone is creative. Just as there are multiple styles of intelligence, there are multiple styles of creativity that produce different yet equally valuable results.

And when organisations integrate creativity into their DNA, they can achieve significant benefits, including better team performance, increased flexibility, greater retention rates, creative problem-solving – and a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

The Breakthrough Creativity Profile Second Edition is an excellent tool for uncovering and developing creative talents in the workplace. Based on Carl Jung’s well-known personality theory, this comprehensive self-assessment and instructor-led training tool identifies dominant and auxiliary preferences from eight creative styles:

• Adventurer

• Explorer

• Navigator

• Poet

• Diplomat

• Inventor

• Pilot

• Visionary

Full of practical tools, three workshops, and loads of insights, the Breakthrough Creativity Profile combines self-assessment with off-job training. It helps individuals and teams to improve their creative problem-solving skills, develop the ability to be inventive, become more productive, and achieve their creative best. Simply put, there isn’t a better tool for building creativity in your organisation, whether you are working with customer service, marketing, operations, or the executive board.



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