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Communicators Pocketbook

A pocketful of tips and techniques to make you more aware of your communication style and how to improve it
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In ithis book the author examines the dynamics of communication, how to be effective, likely barriers, styles of communication and technology at work.

The Communicator's Pocketbook covers:

Communication: The Challenge

• Accepting the challenge

• Causes of failure

• Getting the balance right.

The Assumptions We Make

• Understanding the impact of your own and other people's assumptions

• Lessons to learn.

Communication Dynamics

• Simplicity & complexity

• Has the message been received

• Use of emphasis, formality, humour, emotion

• Staying in control.

The Manager As Communicator

• Channel or gulf

• Messenger or masseur

• Involving others.

Barriers to Effectiveness

• What is effective communication

• Personal, organisational and process barriers

• The grapevine

• Overcoming barriers.

Managing Communication Channels

• The spoken word

• The written word

• Tips for success

• Visual and non-verbal communication

• Technologyy and Multi-media.

You as Communicator

• Conscious and good news communicators

• Communicating with individuals and groups.

Communication Checklists

The Communicator's Pocketbook concludes with a series of checklists that will enable one to take stock of communications skills and shortcomings and to put these into context at both an organisational level and a group or team level.

Illustrated by Phil Hailstone.

Products specifications
Format Pocketbook
Objective To explain the dynamics of communication and technology in the workplace
Author Sean Misteil
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