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Communication Derailed Second Edition Game Kit

Hands-On games to get people back on track. Can be used as a stand-alone learning event or integrated into a larger training initiative.
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Tackle even the most difficult communication problems in today’s organisations

Communication Derailed is an engaging simulation game for all organisational levels. This game demonstrates the profound impact of poor communication then teaches the skills needed to communicate effectively.

This popular game addresses three common communication challenges: communication in teams, lateral communication, and communication during organisational stress. The modules can be run independently or in a series, depending on your learning goals. Trainers love this game because it is easy to facilitate and all parts are reusable. Everything you need to deliver a powerful learning event is included in one kit!.

How Communication Derailed Works

Working as employees of a toy manufacturing company, teams are charged with building new prototypes using fun, colourful parts. But the hands-on tasks become difficult when they are faced with obstacles that challenge their communication skills. Through the experience of working together and with the help of the facilitator, participants learn how to overcome these problems to improve their performance through effective communication.

Learning Outcomes

• Discover the impact of both effective and ineffective communication

• Identify damaging communication techniques and environments

• Improve communication behaviour

• Learn to handle unique communication problems.

The Communication Derailed Facilitator Guide Table of Contents:

• General Guidelines

• Module 1: Communication Within a Team

     Theoretical Background

     Administration Guidelines

     Materials Checklist


• Module 2: Communication Among Teams

     Theoretical Background

     Administration Guidelines

     Materials Checklist


• Module 3: Communication During Organizational Stress

     Theoretical Background

     Administration Guidelines

     Materials Checklist


Includes instructions about what to say, information on what participants receive, facilitator tips, and an outline of the steps. It also provides alternate instructions for introducing the game depending on whether you are running the module as a stand alone or in sequence with the other modules.

Reproducible Participant Materials. All participant materials in the binder are reproducible. A list of materials for each (including the number of photocopies to make of each page) is found behind the Participant Materials tab.

Reproducible Transparency Masters. Transparencies are used to guide the participants through the mid-point debrief.

What to Order

Order one Complete Game for up to 3 groups/teams of 4-8 participants each. If you have more than 3 groups/teams, you will need to order extra game parts for each additional team.

Products specifications
Format Game - each game trains up to 3 groups/teams of 4-8 participants each
Objective To help individuals and teams improve communication
Audience Individuals or teams that need to solve problems quickly and efficiently
Time Required 2–3 hours per module
Author HRDQ Research & Development Team
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