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Assessment Contents:

• Assessment

• Interpretive information

• Action planning

• Full colour presentation

Understanding Your Response to Organisational Change

Organisational change is happening all the time. And when change happens, people respond in particular ways – whether or not they are aware of it.

Understanding one’s own reactions to change is the first step in dealing with it. An excellent starting point, Change Reaction is an effective learning tool for understanding personal reaction to change. The 24-item instrument helps individuals learn about their typical reaction to change – and identify ways to manage it effectively.

Learning Outcomes

• Determine one’s typical response to change: Resistant, Neutral, or Supportive

• Explore the behaviours that characterise the three responses to change

• Identify action steps one can take to embrace and foster change.

FORMAT Online Assessment
OBJECTIVE To identify personal response to organisational change
AUDIENCE Individuals at any level
AUTHOR HRDQ Research & Development Team