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The methods and research used to develop Black Bear.

Illustrate the concept of team synergy with Black Bear, a challenging adventure simulation that addresses formulating a strategy under pressure and consensus decision-making. Participants experience first-hand the advantages of teamwork when they are asked to rank 10 backpack items and choose one of five strategy alternatives, first as individuals and then as a team. The concept of synergy is conveyed when the team results are shown to better those of an individual working alone.

The Scenario

On an early-morning hike in North Carolina’s Great Smoky Mountains, your group stops to enjoy some blueberries growing along the trail. Just when someone spots a small black bear cub, the mother bear lunges from the bushes and attacks — with near-fatal results.

Can you work as a team to save an injured person’s life – addressing five strategy options and ranking 10 backpack items?

Black Bear is the ideal training tool for any group that works in a high-pressure environment. Inspired by HRDQ CEO Brad Glaser’s six-month hike of the Appalachian Trail, this survival adventure also incorporates expert information from many books on the Smokies, wilderness survival, and backcountry rescue, in addition to the input of Buck Tilton, director of the Wilderness Medicine Institute, Inc.

Learning Outcomes

• Learn how to manage and resolve group conflict

• Hone group problem-solving skills

• Improve communication

• Discover the advantages of consensus decision making.



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