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Benchmarks of Team Excellence - Online Credit

This credit registers you for one individual use of the Benchmarks of Team Excellence Online Assessment to a participant of your choice. You'll need to purchase one credit per participant. After your order is processed, you'll receive an email that contains a link to complete the assessment.
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Includes 1 credit for this online assessment for groups or organisations.   

You will need to purchase 1 credit per individual participant.

Benchmarks of Team Excellence

Get the tool that measures a higher level of team functioning. Benchmarks of Team Excellence reveals important information about the experience and attitudes of those who know the team best - the team members. Benchmarks will help you measure the extent to which teams possess the 6 indicators of excellence:
• Alignment
• Team Effectiveness
• Empowerment
• Passion
• Commitment
• Results  
By examining scores for 6 indicators of excellence, team members can identify areas of strength and weakness, discover overall patterns of agreement, and surface differences in perceptions about how the team is functioning. 

Uses for Benchmarks of Team Excellence

Benchmarks of Team Excellence makes an effective stand-alone training session. It is also easily incorporated into a larger training programme. The assessment has been used by a wide variety of organisations for team-building and team leadership training, as well as in programmes to teach the concepts of excellent organisational practices, characteristics of high-performance teams, and group dynamics.

Learning Outcomes

• Measure the extent to which teams possess the 6 indicators of excellence
• Compare a team’s performance with other excellent and high-performing teams
• Determine action steps to help teams move farther and faster along the journey toward excellence