Assertiveness as a philosophy and technique

We can all benefit from adopting an assertive style in interactions with others, it is a communication philosophy and technique. It involves interacting with others in a confident and persistent manner, particularly when there is an element of conflict present.

There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to how you assert yourself but by increasing self-awareness you can increase your effectiveness in difficult situations.

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Picture of Assertiveness Style Profile

Assertiveness Style Profile


Self Assessment: Order One Per Participant.

Reveals the use of four distinct assertiveness styles. Full interpretation and explanatory notes are also included for personal action planning and improvement.

This is a self-scoring profile. Once all the statements are completed scores are plotted on the effective assertiveness grid. This gives a diagrammatic representation of your current assertiveness style and behaviour, as well as suggesting where the 'average' effective assertiveness styles lie.

Code: 6306
Picture of Assertiveness Style Profile Facilitator Guide

Assertiveness Style Profile Facilitator Guide


Facilitator Guide: Order One Guide Per Trainer.

Provides a comprehensive explanation of how to administer the profile and includes a sample copy of the Participant Profile. The Assertiveness Style Profile Facilitator Guide includes a training plan that incorporates experiential activities for leading a half- to full-day workshop teaching assertiveness skills. It describes four styles that individuals might adopt or use when dealing with other people and provides insight into how we may be acting now as well as what styles that other people use and that we may want to adopt more often.

Code: 6306FG