What's My Learning Style? - Online Sample Report


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Discover how to approach all types of learning in a comfortable way. With What’s My Learning Style? a 20-item assessment, participants identify a preference for one of four styles. Since the instrument presents both positive and negative aspects of each style, individuals are able use this knowledge to create greater success in learning.

A training assessment for management development that helps trainers and individuals maximise learning results through developing an understanding of behavioural style. The self assessment identifies adult learning preferences and helps individuals apply this knowledge to build on strengths, minimise weaknesses and become more flexible at using different learning styles.

What's My Learning Style? is a quick and effective self assessment that accurately identifies a preference for one of 4 learning styles: Direct, Spirited, Considerate, or Systematic. In addition to becoming familiar with their learning preferences, individuals will learn how to maximise the strengths of that style, overcome any potential trouble spots, and develop the ability to function using a variety of different styles.

Participant Guide includes:

• 20-item assessment

• Instructions

• Pressure-sensitive Response Form

• Interpretive information

• Charts depicting style strengths and trouble spots

• Action planning worksheet.