Values Edge System Refill Participant Set


Code: 411RPS
Includes materials to train one additional participant

PLEASE NOTE: This is a refill. See Code 411KT for the VALUES EDGE SYSTEM COMPLETE KIT.

Each Values Edge System Refill Participant Set Includes:

• 1 values pyramid tent

• 2 sticker sheets.

The Values Edge System is an excellent catalyst for gaining personal insight, coaching individuals, sparking employee engagement, improving teamwork, and aligning culture. Use it with anyone in your organisation, from frontline employees to executive management team members - and everyone in between.

Personal and team discovery sessions simply and effectively bring values to the surface. Participants create a hierarchy of their individual value system using pyramid tents, stickers, and cards that represent both intrinsic and instrumental values. What makes these exercises so powerful is that in addition to ‘seeing’ what drives their own actions, individuals get a clear picture of how their values compare to their peers, teams - and even the organisation as a whole.

Here's what the system will do for your organisation:

• Establish a common organisational language

• Inspire innovation and performance

• Improve the results of one-on-one coaching

• Build a career development plan

• Transform organisational culture

• Uncover cultural and strategic differences.

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