Vacation in the Keys Participant Guide


Category: Simulations
Code: 234

Demonstrate the concept of team synergy with this challenging adventure simulation that puts consensus decision making into practice. Part of the popular HRDQ Team Adventure Series™

Participants experience first-hand the advantage of working as a team when they realise that the results achieved as a group out-measure those of any one individual.

The Scenario

It’s not enough that you and your friends lost your way on the first day at sea. Morale aboard your chartered fishing boat has plummeted, but you haven’t seen the worst yet. The next morning everyone awakens and gathers on deck, ready to get on with the trip. Suddenly someone turns the ignition key and triggers an explosion that blows the boat apart – and throws everyone overboard.

Can your group survive its ill-fated Vacation in the Keys?

This high-energy exercise provides an effective way to fine-tune team ingenuity and cohesiveness.

How It Works

This powerful roundtable simulation challenges teams to rank 15 salvaged items — first as individuals, and then as a team. As the facilitator, you’ll begin the exercise by introducing the adventure scenario. Participants will then rank the salvaged items on their own, using pressure-sensitive scoring forms. Next, each team conducts the same ranking process as a unit. Finally, you’ll lead the participants into a group action planning discussion, providing the team with the opportunity to apply the learning to the workplace.

Participant Guide includes:

• Scenario description

• Pressure-sensitive response form

• Team synergy score chart

• Team discussion guidelines.

Attribute name Attribute value
FORMAT Simulation
OBJECTIVE Build the skills for teams to achieve synergy
AUDIENCE All teams
AUTHOR HRDQ Research & Development Team