The Women’s Workplace Politics Empowerment Programme


Code: 5216W

Gender inequality creates very real difficulties for many women at work

This unique online self-assessment specifically designed by women, for women. It will provide you with a personalised Navigation profile on what you need to do to better manage your workplace politics. 

Women can face particular challenges, so The Women's Workplace Politics Empowerment Programme is specifically designed for women in the workplace, and follows a similar template to The Universal Workplace Politics Assessment; -

The assessment responses drive the design of an individualised profile that provides information & solutions aimed at women.

  • Your workplace and what level of political behaviour women face.
  • An introduction to the nature of workplace politics.
  • A personal profile on the level of your political competence; and
  • Information on your personal Goal Alignment related to that of your organisation.


You also receive a Route Map with ideas, techniques and practical suggestions on how to manage your workplace politics even more effectively and to turn what is a negative for many women into a positive for them, their teams and their organisations.



An online assessment covering the subject of workplace politics for women and the unique challenges they face. The co-authors have been specialising in this area for over 20 years.

The start point is a belief that workplace politics can be a positive experience for everybody. The reality for many women in particular  is just the opposite. The political environment can be described as a Maze that becomes very confusing for a lot of people and requires high level skills to manage successfully.  Many women report being stuck in this Maze which they cannot get out of, or cannot get into, or not feeling safe when in it. These online assessments provide useful ways in which to manage workplace politics, in a POSITIVE way that is both good for them and their organisation.


One of the 12 categories of Emotional Intelligence is Organisational Awareness. These assessments focus on this category and are a powerful tool to help women their skills in workplace politics. 


The online assessment, which takes approximately 20 minutes to complete, provides 56 statements to be rated and produces a personalised profile that measures and provides information on:

  • Your workplace – how political?
  • Your own goal alignment and what this may mean for you.
  • Your political competence which is split into three key areas.
    • Beliefs
    • Behaviours
    • Building Blocks
  • A ‘Route Map’ which contains a multitude of practical tools, techniques, skills and processes for the user in the workplace.
  • There are also various templates for you to download which can be shared with your colleagues and a Navigation Plan that will guide individuals on what they need to do differently in the workplace, to be even more effective.

The unique design includes a short, optional follow up webinar with a Licensed workplace politics facilitator who will provide additional support, information and direction.  This process provides a powerful and clear methodology that will prove useful to the individual and their teams for many years to come.

Attribute name Attribute value
FORMAT Online Assessment
OBJECTIVE To help women manage their political environment more effectively
AUDIENCE All organisation members
TIME REQUIRED 20 minutes to complete
AUTHOR David Bancroft-Turner BA (Hons), Dip TM and Carole McKellar MA CMM Chartered FCIPD