Say Cheese! The Negotiation Game-Starter Kit

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Develop Real Negotiating Skills Discover an ethical, principled, Win/Win negotiating process.

Everyone Negotiates Every Day

From who cooks the dinner to how you handle major corporate buying decisions. People often see only two choices, play it hard and force a compromise from the other side or play it soft to avoid conflict and give in to demands.

But if someone 'wins' someone must also 'lose'

Say Cheese! is based on an ethical, principled, Win/Win negotiating process. It is underpinned by research from the Harvard Negotiation Project and the international bestseller 'Getting to YES' by Fisher & Ury. It can be used in conjunction with a pre-game & post-game self-assessment tool. Say Cheese! is a high energy negotiating game based on agreeing a contract between The Pizza Company and a major supplier of mozzarella, The Cheese Company. Participants work in pairs and teams to finalise the contract between the businesses, with many opportunities to develop and test different negotiating strategies and tactics.

Say Cheese! The Negotiation Game Starter Kit

Comes with full support material, including comprehensive participant guides for The Pizza Company and The Cheese Company. In addition, Data Cards provide relevant (and sometimes not so relevant) industry background to help the negotiators develop their negotiating approach.The straight-forward scoring process provides a clear picture of the negotiating process and results.

Learning Objectives

After completing, participants will be able to:

• use a planning process to better prepare for negotiations

• use a range of questions to uncover interests behind stated positions

• develop confidence in approaching negotiations

• evaluate the progress being made against a robust assessment tool.

Each Say Cheese! Starter Kit includes:

• 8 Cheese Company Participant Workbooks

• 8 Pizza Company Participant Workbooks

• Red Flash Cards & Blue Flash Cards

• Report Cards

• 1 Facilitator Guide

Attribute name Attribute value
FORMAT Multi-function simulation
OBJECTIVE To provide a clear picture of the negotiating process
AUDIENCE All organisation members
AUTHOR Richard Perry & Bob Hayward