Learning Style Questionnaire


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Identifies your employees’ strengths and weaknesses in the methods in which they learn, and provides the concepts and insight into adult learning that every trainer needs

The Learning Style Questionnaire identifies your employees’ strengths and weaknesses in the methods in which they learn.

It also measures a participant’s preferred method of learning in four different learning styles: participating, reflecting, structuring, and experimenting.

An understanding of the different learning styles helps participants select the approach for specific learning situations that will yield the best results. With quick and easy administration (under 45 minutes), the Learning Style Questionnaire is an essential resource for trainers and managers involved in adult learning.

The questionnaire is based on experiential learning theory developed by David Kolb, which in turn builds on the concepts and theories of Kurt Lewin, John Dewey, Jean Piaget, and others. Essentially, these theories see the process of learning as cyclical in nature:

• Learners are actively involved in some form of learning 'event.'

• Next, they reflect on the activity, alone, or in consultation with others, to develop an understanding of what they have experienced.

• Based on analysis of this understanding, they develop a generalised set of theories or rules about how things should work.

• They try theories out to assess their validity, and/or to identify the most practical approach to achieving the desired results.

• As a result, learners participate in a new learning event, repeating the experiential learning cycle once again.

The Four Learning Styles:

• Participating

• Reflecting

• Structuring

• Experimenting.

Each of the questions has four possible answers. Each of which represents one of four possible learning styles. By ranking these answers according to your degree of preference, you identify your preferred learning style.


Attribute name Attribute value
FORMAT Instrument
AUDIENCE Trainers and Managers
TIME REQUIRED Under 45 minutes
AUTHOR Chris Hutcheson

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