Influencing Style Clock - Online Sample Report


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Code: CR5098SAMPLE
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Understanding how we impact on others is the foundation on which to build effective communication and influencing skills. The Influencing Style Clock (ISC) provides a quick and easy ‘mirror’ that will help increase self-awareness and identify how to influence others successfully.

The ISC looks at the four major styles that individuals are likely to adopt when looking to influence others. Using the Influence Style Clock to illustrate how the styles interact, the ISC provides a graphic and clear illustration of each style’s strengths and weaknesses.

Participants are given scores across all four styles and their greatest style preference identified. Each style descriptor has full explanatory and interpretation notes, as well as guidelines on the impacts of combined styles. The inventory includes suggestions for developing a personal action plan.

The ISC will provide a quick and interesting introduction to influencing styles and their impacts when developing training for:

• Leadership

• Communication

• Negotiating

• Personal growth.