InDependence - Make flexible working work! Participant Workbook


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Workbook: Order One Per Participant

A self-managed learning tool. At the heart of the 47 page Workbook is the competency-based 7 skills profile and a 35 item self-assessment. The user is guided systematically through 7 personal learning and development steps and gets involved in a very hands-on way.

The Workbook can be used:

  • By an individual working alone
  • By involving their manager and/or a ‘buddy’
  • As the key resource in the InDependence Group Workshop
  • As part of a team-building exercise.

The focus of the InDependence Skills Builder is on the development of 7 key skills for success in a flexible working environment.

The Participant Workbook supports the user systematically and with full explanations through seven Steps from self-assessment and identification of development needs to development and action planning and beyond.

Learning outcomes:

  • Get an idea of what it means to work in a flexible working environment.
  • Get an understanding of the 7 skills and why they are important.
  • Assess current skill level using the 35 item assessment tool, and identify strengths and areas for development.
  • Start development planning and get ideas on how to develop.
  • Get ideas on how to stay on top of the game and hopefully feel equipped, confident and motivated.

The self-assessment takes about 10 minutes to complete. Additional time is then needed to work through the rest of the material. Very good progress can be made in an hour and a half. However, the idea is to use the Workbook on an ongoing basis to manage development, and not just as a one-off exercise.

It is the ‘human aspects’ that play a vital role in the success of any flexible working initiative. This material provides support that encourages the attitudes and behaviours that are key.

What to order: You will need 1 Workbook per participant. Feedback Forms can be purchased in packs of 3. For maximum benefit, purchase 1 Starter Pack per manager/supervisor/team-leader. Purchase the Complete Guide for Managers and Trainers for more comprehensive coverage.

InDependence Background

The 7 Skills Profile and assessment were researched and developed using behavioural competency modelling techniques. Experiences from a wide range of sources were gathered including: companies that have introduced flexible working practices, people working in flexible environments, managers, professional organisations, writers and researchers in this field.

The Author – Richard A. Breger is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist with extensive experience in the design, development and delivery of Learning and Development solutions to help personal and group performance. He has worked on many innovative projects to introduce and manage flexible and remote working practices and has been a flexible worker for 25 years himself!