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iMapMyLife is the perfect tool for everybody seeking personal insight, success contentment or greater appreciation.

Find your best "You" at work and in your everyday life!

Users can get greater insights into:-

  • How to be Happy – Your personal requirements
  • Career Pathways – What’s your best career match and where are the available jobs
  • Your Strengths at Work – the value you bring to the job
  • What You Love Most About Your Job – the things that make work fun
  • What You Need to Succeed At Work – what will keep you engaged
  • What Motivates You – what gets you out bed going back for more day after day
  • The iMap™ provides insight to your Passions, the Strengths you exhibit, the Expectations you need in order to be successful, and how you may React when you are under stress.
  • Your personal iMap and guides will help your live a life in your Success Zone™

Personal Growth Guides cover Communication misfires, building trust, effective meetings, keeping motivated, what makes you happy, what you need to succeed at work, your best relationships, how to cope when it’s not working, truly a manual for getting better at life!









Personal Growth Guides to your best career match and ways to stay productive and happy.

Guides that help you in key areas of your life.

  • Communication Misfires – make sure your message gets through
  • How to Lead Effective Meetings – when you’re in charge
  • How to Build Trust with Me – what does it take?
  • When It’s Not Working – how to adapt to succeed
  • Your Best Relationships – what you expect of others
  • Anxiety: Sources and Solutions – how to reduce the tension

 Communication Misfires

High-quality communication skills are crucial to success. Make sure your message gets through. Don’t assume everyone likes and receives information the same way you do. Understand your potential pitfalls. Avoid them and get ahead. 

 How to Build Trust with Me

When people trust each other they report 74% less stress and 106% more energy for working together. What are the basics that would result in your ability to trust someone? 

 How to Lead Effective Meetings

Strengths lead to certain tendencies when in charge of a meeting, some that may not be productive. Use our tips to advise a leader how to read a room, adapt pace/messaging and leave participants energized. 

 How To Stay Energized & Motivated

If your energy is drained, the reason is your motivation buttons haven’t been pushed. Do you know what they are and how to get going? 

 The Work You Love

What will make you fall in love with your job? Find out the key characteristics that will make your work fun. 

 What Makes Me Happy

Do you know what will make you happy? This guide will help you figure that out. 

 What You Need to Succeed at Work

Why do people quit? The reason is their work environment isn’t meeting their needs. Discover what you need to be your best at work. 

 When It's Not Working: How To Adapt in Order to Succeed?

Are people around you freaking out? Find out how you can succeed even when life is a pressure cooker. 

 Your Best Relationships

We all want great relationships but often it’s hard to figure out how to get them. This report is a guide to what you need from relationships, whether they be personal or professional.

Attribute name Attribute value
ORDERING GUIDE Purchase one access password per participant.
FORMAT Online questionnaire and report dashboard Maps for an individual (can also be combined into Teams)
OBJECTIVE For personal development and self discovery.
AUDIENCE For individuals wanting to transform their relationship with others.
TIME REQUIRED 20-30 minutes
AUTHOR Connie Charles

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