Cross-Cultural Adaptability Inventory - Info Kit


Code: 1118IK
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The Cross Cultural Adaptability Inventory Workshop is a powerful experience that helps participants identify their personal areas of low cultural understanding and provides examples of ways to improve them. 

Participants will identify their individual strengths and weaknesses in four skill areas that are fundamental to effective cross-cultural communication and interaction: Emotional Resilience, Flexibility/Openness, Perceptual Acuity, and Personal Autonomy.

Learning Outcomes

Through this workshop, participants will learn how to:

• Be more successful in cross-cultural interactions
• Participate more effectively in multi-cultural discussions
• Develop readiness for travel or study abroad
• Access their competencies for reloacting to another culture
• Improve their productivity as a member of intercultural virtual teams and work groups
• Select and train global leaders
• Contribute to a corporate culture that values and embraces cultural diversity.

Attribute name Attribute value
FORMAT Assessment
OBJECTIVE To help individuals increase their ability to interact with those from other cultures
AUDIENCE All organisation members
AUTHOR HRDQ Research & Development Team