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The methods and research used to develop Beyond the Valley of the Kings.

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Beyond the Valley of the Kings is a challenging adventure simulation that focuses on decision-making under pressure and the importance of team-building that illustrates the concept of team synergy with Beyond the Valley of the Kings, a challenging adventure simulation that focuses on decision making under pressure and the importance of team-building. Participants experience first-hand the advantage of working as a team when they realise that the results achieved as a group out-measure those of any one individual.

The Beyond the Valley of the Kings Scenario 

In the early morning hours, an urban redevelopment group climbs into the basket of a hot-air balloon. None of them have ever been up in a balloon before, and they are excited to get an aerial view of Egypt's Valley of the Kings. Liftoff is smooth, but about an hour into the flight, the balloon suddenly lurches and plummets to the ground. After a bone-crushing landing, the basket finally comes to rest and the dazed group members find their pilot lying motionless. Stranded in the desert, the group must pull together to care for the pilot and survive the elements of the Sahara. 

Beyond the Valley of the Kings is an excellent exercise for strategic planning teams and those who must think quickly in urgent, high-stakes situations.

Learning Outcomes

• Learn how to manage and resolve group conflict

• Hone group problem-solving skills

• Improve communication

• Discover the advantages of consensus decision making

What to Order/Product Contents

Order one Participant Guide per team member.

Note: Beyond the Valley of the Kings works best when participants are divided into teams of seven or fewer per table.

Participant Guide includes:

• Scenario description

• Pressure-sensitive response form

• Team synergy score chart

• Team discussion guidelines.

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