Conflict Strategies Inventory Participant Workbook


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Comprehensive full-colour Workbook supports the workshop and offers in-depth information, skill-practice, and development-planning to make learning stick.

Conflict Management Strategies & Inventory

A combination self-assessment, workbook, and classroom workshop, the Conflict Strategies Inventory (CSI)improves an individual’s ability to successfully handle workplace conflict. CDI is a soft-skills training programme on conflict management strategies, based on the Blake and Mouton Styles Grid. The assessment identifies an individual's preferred conflict strategy, examines each strategy, and enables individuals to develop an action plan to put learning into action.


• 10-item inventory with tear-out scoring form

• Introduction

• Ten Conflict Strategies

• Scoring & Charting the Assessment

• Conflict Strategies Profile

• Interpreting Your Results.

Based on more than 35 years of research, this training tool explores five different strategies

• Avoiding

• Smoothing

• Competing

• Compromising

• Integrating.

Most importantly, the Conflict Strategies Inventory accurately identifies an individual’s typical reaction to conflict, examines the potential outcomes associated with each strategy, encourages the use of more effective tactics, and provides skill-practice in resolving day-to-day issues.

Completely updated and enhanced, the new third edition is a revised, full-colour comprehensive participant workbook. Packed with extensive interpretive information, hands-on activities, skill development, and action-planning, there isn’t a better way to equip individuals with the knowledge and insight they need to address conflict in any situation. It’s most appropriate for people in the midst of workplace conflict, but all individuals, from frontline employees to team members and managers, will find this tool immensely helpful.

Learning Outcomes

• Pinpoint one's preferred strategy for managing conflict

• Discover the five different ways people respond to conflict

• Understand how and when to utilize the Integrating strategy

• Learn and practice when to use alternative strategies

• Create a development plan to put the learning into action.

FORMAT Assessment
OBJECTIVE To identify and manage preferred conflict strategies
AUTHOR HRDQ Research & Development Team